The Honey House
THE HONEY HOUSE has large and small quantities for all your honey needs!


Q) My honey has turned solid in the bottle...
A) Honey does not expire or 'go bad', granulation is a natural process and is simple to reverse. Place the bottle in warm/hot water until honey returns to liquid.

Q) Is your honey filtered or processed?
A) THE HONEY HOUSE honey is minimally heated and filtered to protect flavor and natural quality. Our honey contains the pollen grains and natural enzymes just as it did in the comb. 

Q) I am looking for non-pasteurized, local honey for allergy relief..
A) Our honey is not pasteurized, only warmed enough so it will easily flow into the bottles. All pollen grains and natural enzymes remain in our honey.

Q) Do you add anything to your honey?
A) No, THE HONEY HOUSE honey is pure and all natural.

Q) What flavor is your honey?
A) Our honey is a clover and wildflower blend. Our bees are free to pollinate any and all local blooms.

Q) Where can I buy THE HONEY HOUSE honey?
A) Our honey is available at MN/WI grocery stores and some specialty/gift shops. If you don't see THE HONEY HOUSE at your favorite store, or you are looking for a specific size, simply see the grocery manager and ask for it by name.

Q) Are your honey containers recyclable?
A) Yes, at THE HONEY HOUSE we use high quality, made in USA, plastic bottles for our honey. 

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