The Honey House
Some of THE HONEY HOUSE hives on a local farm.
THE HONEY HOUSE honey bees visit wild blackberries.
Our 12oz honey bear gets a new look with a new cap!
From Blossom to Bottle, 100% USA
THE HONEY HOUSE is family owned and operated in the St. Croix River Valley of Minnesota and Wisconsin, bringing you pure, all natural LOCAL HONEY.
 THE HONEY HOUSE honey bees pollinate your gardens, fields, orchards, wild flowers, and crops helping our natural environment while delivering delicious, mild, golden honey. Our three generations of beekeepers harvest the honey, bottle it, and proudly deliver it to your local grocery stores.                          
THE HONEY HOUSE pure, all natural honey is available at some gift/specialty stores, Supervalu Stores, Festival Foods, Kowalski's, Super One Foods, Cub Foods, Lunds, and Byerlys in MN and WI. 

 Becky captures pictures of THE HONEY HOUSE honey bees as they work local blooms on a warm sunny day.


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